Generally, natural plants dye is not strong as synthetic dye to bond into fiber of fabric. Even so, natural indigo is one of the stronger dye among plant dyes.


The experience tells us that stronger reduction in indigo vat causes to better dye result as tight fix and bright shade.


So, we have to keep eyes on bacteriaís activity and state in indigo vat to get fine color and to prevent discoloration.


We rinse the materials gently several times with the eco friendly textile detergent after all dye process was done to remove the indigo which did not bond properly into fibers, so that we are able to prevent the discoloration as little as possible.


However, we recommend that our products should be washed by hands with lukewarm water and small amount of detergent to last.


Also, we know people are pretty busy and have a convenient tool to wash. If you want to use a washing machine, the cotton product is fine, but please set it at the most gentle and shortest running time mode and T- shirts must be inside-out.


After machine washing, you must hang them out to dry in shade. Tumbling dryer is not recommended to avoid unnecessary damage and rubbing of fabric.


Please do not use any kind of bleach or stain remover at anytime.

Yellowish stain

You might find yellowish stain at the border of Shibori pattern sometime, which are impurities contained in indigo solution. Usually this could be seen right after the fabric was dyed or when we store it in closet for long time.

But you don't have to worry, the stain will be washed out easily. And if you see this, it's the proof of natural indigo dye, too.



Q__Can I wash the T-shirts and other staffs together in washing machine?


A__Yes. According to our experience, test and study, well-fixed and rinsed indigo dye garment doesn’t rub onto others. But, at least the first and second washing should be separate from others.


Q__Can I do dry cleaning your product?


A__No. Some kind of dry cleaning detergent could destroy indigo dye.


Q__Is my T-shirts going to shrink?


A__No. The T-shirts had repeated soaking, rinsing and drying many times in its dye process. It’s already pre-shrink.