Refurbish old shirts by natural indigo dye!


Anyone has few clothes which haven’t been worn for two or three years in their closet. May be, they got stains on, or the color faded away, or just got bored.


We dye it by natural indigo in deep blue, and then old shirts will be refreshed and refurbished. So, you can wear it again in new look and you don't have to throw it away.


You may say if it costs $20 or $30, better buy new one at Gap store or somewhere else. That's true, but we just feel a bit wasting and offer an alternative way.


How it come out?




What kind of fabric is good for?


We do refurbish only cotton 100% or linen 100% fabrics. But most clothes were sewed by synthetic thread like polyester which can not be dyed by natural indigo.



Refurbish short sleeve (T-)shirts in deep blue
Refurbish long sleeve (T-)shirts in deep blue